Why Spiritual Gurus?

Before we try to decide “why”, let’s understand the term “Spiritual” and “Guru”. According to English dictionary, the word Spiritual means “relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things” and or “relating to religion or religious belief”. Whereas, Guru – a Sanskrit word, which is generally used to connote a teacher, mentor, guide or an expert in a certain field of knowledge. Thus, the literal meaning of Spiritual Guru can be referred to as someone who is a master of religious beliefs, affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

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Why follow them?

Following a spiritual guru fetches our soul solace. They guide us in different ways in our lives. Their wisdom heals any trauma.

For success in divine search, we all need someone to guide us through, and there comes the pivotal role of Spiritual Gurus. They facilitate our spiritual awakening. We tend to look beyond merely materialistic happiness.

But does it have a flip side as well?

By that logic, does a follower of any such spiritual guru depict the following persona?

  • Despite so many advancements, are humans unable to gain wisdom thyself?
  • Become a monk thyself?
  • Refrain from materialistic pleasure?
  • Showing less interest in the variety of foods on the platter?
  • Always meditate?


The Pirated Version


Often we come across people who imitate to be a Spiritual Guru and even self-proclaimed God! The classic examples can be cited from Rapist Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim of Dera Sacha Sauda, Narayan Sai, Rampal, Asaram Bapu and the list goes on!

Points to ponder on fake babas and whole human belief system

We have reached the moon; we contribute to politics; we, the common public, are both actively and passively involved in all the activities of how our society runs, the state runs, country runs and all the nations runs cordially. Having belief in God isn’t wrong, it gives us a direction in our lives, lays down legitimate moral sense also empowers us with strong value based belief system which ultimately speaks about Karma irrespective of any religion. After all, God helps those who help themselves! God has had been protecting us. If that is the case, then:

  • Why are we not able to distinguish between the fake babas and real ones?
  • What makes us so blind to be misguided easily?
  • We tend to put in a lot of thoughts before making a simple purchase decision in general majority of the time, then Why we don’t testify the credentials and credibility of a person we shall be surrendering to?


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Author: Sneha Banerjee

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1 thought on “Why Spiritual Gurus?

  1. Nicely written. Why do people cant differentiate between a real and fake spiritual gurus is difficult to say. Take the extreme case of Jim Jones in USA when he manipulated 900 of his followers to drink the Kool Aid and commit suicide. I must say that these people can manipulate mind so well that people rarely feel they are getting manipulated. It becomes very difficult for common people who have no idea of how a mind gets manipulated, analyse this manipulations and prevent from getting trapped. These fake gurus are nothing but great manipulators

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