10 Powerful Instagram Hacks for 350% Engagement Boost

Instagram is a popular social media network which allows users to share photos and videos. Instagram is owned by Facebook and was launched in late 2010. It has been a hit since its launch. In this article, we shall discuss top 10 powerful Instagram hacks to boost your engagement for over 350%.


Do you wonder how that concerns you yet? Here is a graph depicting the Instagram user growth over the years, after all, numbers don’t lie!






There is a massive paradigm shift in user time spent on the social media platforms and Instagram is definitely gaining a lot of attention. You can be as creative as you want to be to communicate with your target audience and the best part is, they are going to pay much broader attention to your message.


So let’s get started with 10 powerful Instagram Hack for 350% Engagement Boost.


Instagram Hack Number 1


Always be consistent in posting your content. As in day passes, you set up an expectation within your readers, thus, for instance, you have been consistent for two weeks and suddenly next week you vanish and likewise, people won’t be interested in following up your page. There are tons of other interesting pages to follow.


Let me recall one thing, earlier marketers used to fight for space to publish their content, but now, space is no more a problem with the internet, attention-grabbing and holding is.


Instagram Hack Number 2


Optimize your contents being posted. Now, what do I mean by that?


It’s very simple yet takes a lot of attention to detail. No two businesses are alike thus what works for A not necessarily will work for B. You must experiment run A/B tests to see what time and what frequency of content posting is gaining more engagement and fine tune it always.


Always remember, you cannot ignore the reader’s online behavior and expect them to read your content when you feel is the correct time for posting. This also goes same for keeping reader’s online behavior in mind so that you do not miss out any trends and lose an opportunity to have them onboard.


Instagram Hack Number 3


Be creative in your content. Be a storyteller instead of imposing your products or services. There are many free apps/ tools which can actually help you make 4/5/8/9 slices of your single creative and post it on Instagram which gives an impression of a whole picture rather a small thumbnail as visible.


Don’t shy away from trying all other content formats available. For example, use Instagram stories, go Live, etc. Speaking of diverse content, post tutorials or even behind the scenes!


Instagram Hack Number 4


Instagram stories can fetch you much higher engagement rates. Be sure you are consistent. You can run polls, contests, etc. Depending on your PR strength, you can have a brief thumbs-up given by a celebrity for your page.


By conducting Instagram polls you are giving the audience a platform to voice their opinion.


Instagram Hack Number 5


Listen to the chatter.


You can never give up the significance of listening. When you are listening you are getting benefitted in the following ways:


  • Understand your audience
  • Analyze trends
  • Find ideas for your next content
  • Emerge as an empathetic entity
  • An excellent feedback measurement tool
  • Online reputation management


These are the first six benefits of listening. If anything else crosses your mind please leave a comment!


Instagram Hack Number 6


Out of the pool of followers, try to identify your super fans and incentivize them small gifts/ coupons. Showing this gesture doesn’t cost much but helps you in two most significant ways:


  • Turning your fans into your lifetime promoters/ evangelists
  • Building competition and pushing engagement within your remaining followers


Instagram Hack Number 7


Go for Instagram Influencer marketing. Already this trend is said to be hot in the market and with a spellbound growth rate. Have a look at this data by mediakix.






Instagram Hack Number 8


Never ever forget to use hashtags- #NEVER


For simpler understanding, hashtags serve the purpose similar to keywords. They help in fetching your content even if the user hasn’t followed your page yet.


As per the latest Instagram update, people can now follow hashtags too! The same way they were following pages. I hope it clears the importance of hashtag usage for your Instagram posts.



Instagram Hack Number 9


Take your page and post insights very seriously. They are your guide!


You can have a look at your activity performance, content performance and even learn more about who is following you when you have at least 100 followers. This information goes a long way in content planning.


Instagram Hack Number 10


Last but not the least, be responsive. Respond to queries, comments, and messages. You can eventually turn Instagram as a tool for lead generation in the future.


Instagram can also be an extremely useful tool to attract new customers or even delight the existing ones. This is a trend noted that people tend to click poor quality product or post any gaffe on social media sites. This is your opportunity to not only win back the customer but also to establish that your company has a strong ethics and people can blindly keep trust in your entity!


The world of internet is dynamic. In case you happen to come over an exciting update, do not forget to comment.


Author: Sneha Banerjee

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