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Let’s welcome the New Year – 2018. A new year brings a whole new bouquet of hopes and desires, dreams, and wishes, but along with them also come the doubts and misfortunes, which is why, it is really significant to know what is in store for you, through the scientific method of prediction known to human-kind, called Astrology. The horoscope based on Astrology becomes more scientific when it is touched with the knowledge of Numerology. The numbers can speak, the numbers can predict and thus, the numbers can foretell. Yes, at least the much valued Data Science tells us this most scientifically. The following derived horoscope for each of the Zodiac signs tells you about the important transits that are going to take place during 2018 and the impact they will have on your life and activities.


Aries 2018 (March 21- April 19)


Beginning of the year 2018 for Aries will be full of energy and determination. You will take wise decisions which will bring good news for you throughout the year. January and February might not be good for health. Income will definitely increase; you will rise in career whatever you are in. Your professional ventures will be successful and highly influential. Long journeys will be a key factor for success.

Aries- snehaa speaks

After mid-October and November, your earnings might reduce a bit and hard work will be required. As a general, 2018 will be a good and progressive year for Aries. Your lucky numbers: 6, 18, 41, 77, 83 and 87.


Taurus 2018 (April 20- May 20)


Be cool down and try to submissive your aggression which might affect you adversely. As the time passes in the year 2018, you will gradually gain willpower and confidence. Throughout this year, you need to work hard in order to gain success. Some disappointment in work is also seen there. However, your horoscope suggests, after last part of September or mid part of October, your finance will increase.

taurus - snehaa speaks

Some short trips will fetch good results in 2018; you even may go on pilgrimage! Your children will flourish and perform well. You should avoid disputes and clashes, as they may trouble you in every respect. During first two months, please stay away from any sort of controversy as it is going to harm your image. Overall, it’s an average year for you. Your lucky numbers:  5, 35, 50, 57  & 82.


Gemini 2018 (May 21- June 21)


Gemini horoscope 2018 suggests that during the month of January and February, they need to select every word they utter cautiously, else they may backfire you. Going away from your home to expand your business seems a wise decision at this point. But, it will also keep you away from your loved ones; hence, a balance will be required in your personal as well as professional life. If unmarried, you may tie a knot with your desired partner in 2018. Your dream of marrying your beloved will finally come true in 2018. Expenditure and loss of cash would be excessive during the last quarter of the year.


gemini - snehaa speaks

Don’t overlook your health as you may suffer fluctuating problems related to kidney, joint pains, etc. Business will bring positive benefits during the year. You have worked hard in the past, that should help your future endeavors and obtaining success. Overall, this year will provide you with many opportunities to grow and succeed. Your auspicious numbers: 1, 2, 10, 18, 35 and 86.


Cancer 2018 (June 22- July 22)


Cancer 2018 horoscope suggests that you will feel more energetic and even may wish to lead others during the first quarter. Overall harmonious domestic life is predicted with some usual conflicts. Avoid any sort of discord with your family members, you may feel lack of happiness in your marital life. You will get enough reputation at work though; focus on your health, as chances of developing a number of chronic diseases are on the cards. 

cancer- snehaa speaks

Chances of high expenses are seen. Solid earnings will be there, but you should control your excessive expenditure, so as to a perfect balance be maintained in finance. Generally speaking, this year will be quite favorable with some financial challenges which can be sorted out easily. Your favorable numbers: 1, 21, 24, 58 and 66.


Leo 2018 (July 23- August 22)


According to the Leo horoscope 2018, you will become more inclined in religious pursuits; which may even compel you to go on pilgrimage. Your health will be good. In this year, your actions will automatically lead you to the path of success. Marital and familial bliss is expected to increase.


leo - snehaa speaks

You would be rising steadily in your financial aspect. There is a good and positive chance of abroad journeys.  It’s a very good year for you at an overall rating. Your lucky numbers: 6, 24, 39, 59 and 83.


Virgo 2018 (August 23- September 22)


The Virgo’s horoscope in 2018 is indicating to be a high achieving year. There will be ample opportunities for begetting wealth and money. Your social atmosphere is predicted to be beneficial towards you. Students of this sign may face lack of concentration, and only hard work will be their key to success. However, your children may pose some health issues. You would be enjoying a good professional life and your inflow of income will remain good throughout the year.

virgo snehaa speaks

In the month of January, February and May; some unexpected gain is likely to come. Even during the month of October, the financial growth will be more. You would be getting full support from the family members as from as from your spouse. This year will really be more beneficial for you in all terms than that of the outgoing one. Your lucky numbers: 7, 16, 29, 79 and 90.


Libra 2018 (September 23- October 22)


2018 astro-numerology predicts that you will be extremely energetic and industrious, but your aggression and adamant attitude will be there, which needs to be tamed for domestic harmony and success in your every effort. Always be cautious and keep a check before uttering words. Avoid being rude in your personal life and utter foul words which may hurt anyone’s feelings. If you cannot check all these, you would put yourself in trouble only.

libra snehaa speaks

Work life seems good and you should be respected as well as accepted. You are having a very good opportunity during the months of January to March in the year 2018 to land into a high paid job and or to increase in earnings. Frequent journeys and a few abroad travels are also anticipated positively. Chances of getting hitched are also predicted from the month of April, for the unmarried Librans. In a nutshell, 2018 will be an extremely progressive year for you, when you should focus on your career development and increasing income avenues. As per your horoscope, your auspicious numbers: 3, 7, 20, 55, 77 and 85.


Scorpio 2018 (October 23- November 21)


This year will come with some good challenges for Scorpio horoscope people and if you can face them positively, achievements and success awaits you. It is sure that during this New Year, you will dominate over your opponents and counterparts. But, your health might be declining during the middle part January to March and again you would get rid of such ailing issues and gain stamina and strength as usual. So far as your financial part is concerned, during this New Year; especially up to the month of October, you will have an excessive expenditure that may affect your life in many ways. You need to check before every investment.

Scorpio snehaa speaks

If you are interested in going abroad for education, then this year is the perfect one. Domestic life would be fine and in harmony during most of the year. Your workplace will be quite progressive. Overall, mixed results can be expected in this year. Your lucky numbers as per your horoscope are 9, 27, 29, 45, 53 and 89.


Sagittarius 2018 (November 22- December 21)


According to the predictions of 2018 horoscope for Sagittarius, the year 2018 will provide you with so many opportunities to grow further in life. Your income flow is predicted to increase until March, but your expenditure would increase thereafter. You shouldn’t worry about that because again you will be on your right track for rest of the year. Your inclination will be to increase earning avenues and you may succeed to earn through more than one source. Saturn will prepare you for work hard in a positive direction. During the months of March to May your health looks a bit low and after October, some major health issues are possible.

Sagittarius snehaa speaks

You should always drive carefully. Your domestic life will be good and harmonious with some occasional issues. Domination over the enemies and your opponents would be there strongly. Overall, it’s a good year for you, but your health should always be on check and alarm. Your lucky numbers: 3, 6, 16, 23, 60 and 81.


Capricorn 2018 (December 22- January 19)


In this year, you will have to face the truth of the essence of Life. On one side of the coin, your expenditure will be stupendously high and you would feel that dearth of it, while, on the other side, your health would give you some stiff challenges. As per your horoscope predictions, you may develop spiritual inclinations in 2018. At the workplace, you will gain authority and resultant power, but stay away from any sort of corruption and controversy; otherwise, your life will be spoilt.

Capricorn snehaa speaks

Domestic life will flourish to a great extent and a bond of togetherness would gain more strength. In marital life, some misunderstanding may take place for some time, which you should avoid. Generally speaking, 2018 is a year to excel in life and improve your weaknesses. Your lucky numbers: 3, 21, 66, 30, 83 and 84.


Aquarius 2018 (January 20- February 18)


Horoscope 2018 suggests this year will be most rewarding for Aquarius people. Your prime focus will be on continually increasing your wealth and owing to your hard efforts, you will be able to make this year a highly profitable one and your financial status would enhance. Your horoscope suggests frequent long journeys would take place. Your state of health and mind would be ever-strong and you will be getting rid of any past illness.

Aquarius snehaa speaks

You will be respected at your workplace too. Your quality work will go on improving along with your output, and you’ll be able to impress your seniors with your management skills. Your marital life would have an essence of love and affection. Overall, it’s a positive and progressive year for you. Your lucky numbers: 17, 40, 46, 61 and 76.


Pisces 2018 (February 19- March 20)


Pisceans are strongly recommended to take care of their health in the year 2018. Overstress and workaholic nature might be giving you trouble. At the workplace, you can expect results in lieu of the hard work you put forth. January 2018 may have the quite challenging period for finance. But you need not be worried; your income would increase with a good flow from the middle of February. Marital life will be blissful and your spouse would always extend their best efforts to help you in all your endeavors.

Pisces snehaa speaks

You may also expect a change of residence due to work obligations and commitments. It is visible that you will also go for shortcuts in real life that would give you good results too. After the end of October, you will see many positive changes in your life. You should give your health the first priority in this year and maintain a balance in every walk of life.



Friends, these are all we have for you in brief for the year 2018, not as “Fortune Telling”, but simply as a future guidance. I believe you would make the best use of these predictions at free of any cost and make this year even more meaningful and successful and do not expect to work same for each and every individual, for 100% accuracy, a personalized prediction is always suggested.


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Author: Bikash Banerjee

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