Find Your Passion- 4 Actionable Free Tips For Students

College life is the best time to unleash your inner creativity side and let it take a toll on different things you always aspired to do. You are brave, bold, energetic and full of dreams. Make it count! You will never get this time back. Find your passion. Here are lists of tips you can put into action without any investment and get a reputation for yours.

Do you have a Smartphone with a good quality camera, storage, and 4G Sim slot?


If you just answered yes, let me take you through a whole new world of possibilities:

Free Tips For Students: Number 1




How good are you at capturing moments which convey a story? Do you feel passionate about pursuing photography, having a Facebook Page, getting more likes and shares and being the popular one in your college? You never know, this passion of yours may even lead to a full-time career opportunity! You can select to be either a wildlife photographer or a fashion photographer (bet there will be many aspiring model friends in your batch), etc. Go out there and explore!



Free Tips For Students: Number 2


Restaurant Reviews


Here is another interesting thing you can do after creating a Facebook Page dedicated to restaurant reviews, food reviews, and even giving suggestions! All on the go from your Smartphone. We all love food, and you have a great chance of being the opinion leader in this field. You may also make good use of your zomato page!

Free Tips For Students: Number 3


YouTube Channel


We tend to surf YouTube most of the time. With all due respect to teachers, during finals, students’ prime sources of knowledge are their friends, Google and YouTube in general. Why don’t you create simple, short and sweet videos of anything you are good at and post? You may even post videos of your college’s fests in your own YouTube channel.


Free Tips For Students: Number 4


Start a blog


Do you have the habit of scribbling down things? Are you passionate about writing? Hey, you have many options to go ahead to display your skills and guess what we, Snehaa Speaks, too can be a facilitator in the journey! Check out here.

If I may interject, being able to mention that you wrote articles for blogs in your resume, gives your resume a BIG boost. You will definitely be hiring manager’s favorite. You may consider having a free blog with or blogger too. Just google them and get started!

Studies are important for all the students, we shouldn’t overlook that due to our indulgence in extracurricular activities but all work no play makes Jack a dull boy! Even hiring managers tend to explore your extracurricular sides to evaluate your strengths, leadership as well as weakness. So, last but not the least, find your passion!


Author: Sneha Banerjee

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