Should You Be Master of Manipulation If You Are The Boss?

Career advancement is something we all desire. We start being a part of a team; we aim to handle one a day! At least, most of us would love that, and why we shouldn’t? It results in the hike in authority, position, and salary! Now I do not want to get into leadership qualities right away because am sure unless you have it, you won’t be promoted in the first place! So what else does it take to maintain the position you earned? It is debatable, but there are certain scenarios which you would agree, let’s take few examples:

Scenario 1: The New Entrant

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You got this lucrative opportunity to join a big company in a senior role and you are entrusted with handling an existing team of a considerable number of employees and extract the desired deliverables at a defined time. They are already peers, and you find their approach more of a laid back. You can be the strict boss but then you are skeptical they might dislike you OR find a way they become more participative and is able to understand the urgency and become proactive.


What do you choose?


The way you communicate with your team is the key whether it shall bring synergy or discord into the team, and in this situation, your image is also at stake!

Scenario 2: The Fake Agreement


Snehaa Speaks Boss talking to team mates

Leading a team is a huge responsibility; you are not only responsible for your performance but also equally accountable for each and every teammate’s performance, behavior, attitude, etc.!


Pheww that’s a toughie!


You are always on the radar of being judged partial or way too bossy! What if you really need to disagree on something which your team wants and you are right? How do you convey it?


Let me try – “I definitely see what you are saying and I must admit this is a whole new perspective to handle the project, “BUT”, at this moment, I am afraid, the management wants this sort of approach! I couldn’t have been prouder of my team but I would really appreciate if you could devise a new strategy on these terms!”


Diplomatic? Motivational? Manipulative? Or the art of handling a team and avoiding conflicts?


Scenario 3: The Renowned Uncertainty Principle

Boss luring Employee Snehaa Speaks

Classic Quote- “You know what? I see the next team lead in you provided you put in your 200%. This is the time you should work hard and performance appraisals shall reap the results!”


Okay, now I am not saying people don’t get promoted; but it’s not all who get promoted right? And also, it’s not all who on purpose do badly in their job. But competition is tough! We are always running after some sort of incentive, which I don’t blame wrong; which I am just pointing out!

Aren’t we all getting manipulated and/ or manipulating others when we are in that position?

Looking forward to hearing your stories!


Author: Sneha Banerjee

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