What is an IoT? aka Internet of Things?

You might have heard this term before, but could never grasp what this hype is all about! What is IoT? Why are some of the leading tech experts going bonkers all over this? Is it worth my time learning about IoT?

Hopefully, after reading through the next few paragraphs, you’ll find your stand on this. We will try to answer some of the very broad questions which might help you pave your way to a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things or IoT in short.

iot- internet of things

IoT is a network of interrelated devices which allows them to communicate with each other. It allows a system of embedded sensors, robots, industrial rigs, etc. to talk to each other over the public Internet. Yes, we are talking about a system of Machine-to-Machine communications, and not just Human-to-Human, or Human-to-Machine communications. Some of the industry experts say IoT is a paradigm shift in the ICT world. This is a game changer. Perhaps the next big thing after the Industrial Revolution!

Let this idea sink in for a while. It changes everything. The way we live, work, shop, drive, etc.

A case study might help:

Jack is a very busy stockbroker. Every morning, he wakes up at 7. He asks his coffee maker to brew some Latte. The coffee machine greets Jack with a friendly voice and gets to work.

Jack gets ready for work and enters his self-driving car. His car drops him to his office gate and leaves to find a suitable parking spot on its own. During lunch, his fridge calls him and asks to get some hot chocolate on his way back home. Jack, being a very busy man, asks his fridge to place an online order from Amazon and replenish. He also asks his fridge to order a pack of beer.

After his shift is over, he calls his car, which automatically traverses through the concrete jungle and parks itself at the gate; waiting for Jack to get on board. In the meantime, it automatically analyzes the local traffic conditions and plots the best possible route back home!

On his way, Jack calls up his smart home assistant and asks it to get his shower ready for the hot water. He does not like to keep waiting. Jack reaches home. His car leaves him to park itself on the porch.
Sounds like a dreamy science fiction? Magical? Impossible?

Well, with the advent of the internet of things, it may not! And trust me, I am serious!

Just imagine how convenient it is for Jack? For all of us? A disruptive innovation is on its way!

digital future with IoTs

Well, we have barely scratched the surface of what networked devices can do. The possibilities are endless. Not just individuals, IoT is helping the governments across the world to realize their dream of smart and sustainable cities. For example, smart grids and connected utilities have helped Sweden reduce their carbon footprint by more than 73%! From manufacturing to logistics, and from home automation to cutting-edge research stations, IoT is everywhere and it’s amazing how fast it is paving our way to the far frontier of the digital world!

Welcome to the Future with the IoTs!

Thank you for reading!

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Authors: Vineet Shandilya, Sneha Banerjee

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