Who is a Leader?

We cross paths with this term- “Leader” and “Leadership Qualities” frequently. So, who do you think is a leader? Are there any set rules & criteria to adhere? Or is it your authority in an organization which makes you a leader? Or is it the situation which proves your capability and you get identified as the one with leadership qualities? We are going to adopt a new way of answering your query with a brief situation and equip you to answer the question- “who is a leader?” instead of simply giving you theoretical points.




Peer 1: Oh God, Boss seems very angry as we couldn’t comply by the deadline and was late by a day.


Peer 2: You bet!


Peer 3: We are going to have a bad day today. Let’s not do any other work today, anyway he will scream at us. What is the point? We always get steep deadlines which are never sufficient no matter how hard we try as a team.


Peer 4: Second it. Let’s revolt. Sure it’s sending the wrong impression of ours to the higher authority.


Peer 5: But guys, maybe even he is under pressure! We shouldn’t overlook the fact that our Boss takes us to team outing every month without even bothering company funds. I am also going to face the wrath, isn’t it? In fact, let me take the blame, after all, I am the team lead and maybe I am unable to deliver something which I couldn’t show you guys, thus your performance also got compromised. We work here; we may have individual problems outside of work but let it not distract our performance. We are stronger, we are skilled! Aren’t we? Are you with me on this?


Peer 2: Are you scared? Can’t we voice our genuine concerns?


Peer 5: It is not about getting scared; it is about work ethics and personal character. We always have a choice. We can be the good person or the one who isn’t good. Having said that let me reassure, I am with you for voicing our opinions and concerns, but wouldn’t it be a bad image on us when we are questing someone else’s work style and we are doing blunders in our own?


Peer 1: Yes you are right. After all, we come here to work, so why let anyone bother us. We tried genuinely! Why doesn’t he bother showing how to achieve the task within the time he allocates? That should actually help. He is not approachable at all.


Peer 3: Yeah, I am sorry for what I said. Wish our boss could be more like you!


Peer 2: Am sorry too! I was just depressed.


Peer 5: Oh it’s okay; I completely understand your situation. Let us treat this as our team brainstorming contributing towards productivity.


Peer 4: Let’s keep the good work from our side, we are definitely with you. You need not take blame solely on you, we will feel bad. Let’s discuss our issues with him instead.


Peer 5: Thank you, everyone! I ensure that I will work even harder to find out the solution and guide everyone personally. Meanwhile, let me initiate the talk with our Boss. If everything fails, I will ensure none of my team members are affected for deeds undone by them.


Peer 1, 2, 3, and 4 to Peer 5: Thank you so much!




So how many of you think who is the leader in the above situation? Is it Peer 1, Peer 2, Peer 3, Peer 4 or Peer 5?


For all those who guessed Peer 5, are absolutely correct. Now let’s analyze why Peer 5 is the leader? Is it because he is the team lead? Or does he possess any other leadership traits?


who is a leader? leadership



Peer 5 has shown honesty in accepting facts rather camouflaging it. This helped him gain the trust of the rest of the teammates.



A leader is always confident when he is guiding someone.



Peer 5, as a leader, has successfully managed to inspire the teammates and motivated them in taking rational steps to fight an issue.


Great Communicator

Being a good communicator is the base of being a leader. How else will you be able to motivate your teammates if you cannot convey your ideas and bring everyone on the same page?


Responsible & Accountable

Peer 5 has shown sheer dedication and respect towards his work. He is responsible enough to shoulder any situation and is accountable.



A leader is always committed to its people and cause. Peer 5 has been committed to the well-being of its teammates as well as his overall team’s performance.



A person, who cannot make up his mind, cannot be a leader. As a leader, people look up to you. Peer 5 has handled all the obligations imposed and shown decisiveness.


Believes in People

A leader doesn’t give up on people or ridicule them. They believe in shaping the best from the person. A leader isn’t selfish. Peer 5 has not only been confident in the abilities of his teammates but also stressed on acquiring the knowledge himself so that he can guide the rest personally, unlike giving orders.


Problem Solver

A leader is a problem solver in nature; the one who can resolve conflicts with his good communication skills. Peer 5 identified the problem and addressed it with solutions.



By the end of the time, Peer 5 successfully brought everyone on the same page with his persuasive nature. As a leader, you may face different opinions and obligations, how you deal with them, defines your nature.


Hope this was informative and interesting!

Do let us know your take on Leadership.


Author: Sneha Banerjee

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